Three Tips For Setting Up A New Network

Does your office need a new network setup? If your current network is running slow, then upgrading parts and the configuration of your setup is definitely an option to consider because this can improve productivity and improve your network's security. So when having your network upgraded, consider having the following changes made:

5Ghz Band Connection:

Running off of a 2.4ghz band connection has been the more proper method because these routers can often be cheaper and more available to the market. However, because many of the offices that surround your office may still be using 2.4ghz, this radio frequency can become saturated and this can impact your connection speed. So, instead of running the same bandwidth connection, consider a 5Ghz speed. This will help prevent poor connections and will allow your router to send and receive information from your computers at a faster rate, which will improve your workers' ability to get work done in a more efficient time frame.

A Hidden Network:

Having your wifi name hidden from the search query of available networks is a great way to help prevent someone who isn't authorized to access your network. So, be sure to hide your network from the list of local networks and only provide your employees with the name of your network so it can remain as anonymous as possible. Also, with a hidden wifi name, you will still want to use a password to enter your network as a secondary form of protection.

Wifi Extenders:

Instead of creating multiple connections to enable internet access throughout your facility, consider using only wifi extenders rather than creating additional wifi names. This is a more secure method as you are eliminating multiple access points, which can help prevent someone who isn't authorized to enter your network. Also, wifi extenders can be a more efficient option as you will be able to find ones that simply plug into your wall outlets and this will eliminate the need to run long and thick ethernet cables throughout your facility.

Using these tips when setting up your new office's network is a great way to improve the security of your network, while increasing the speed of your network so you can provide your employees with faster file transfers. So, if your current network delays your workers from being able to get work done in a timely manner, be sure to take advantage of these network upgrades and improvements.

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