Technical Support Planning For Growing Businesses

Is your business adding more employees than your current systems can handle? Are your servers becoming over-tasked, or are there too many requests for a small Information Technology (IT) team to handle. The need to hire more professionals can become painfully obvious, but many growing businesses quickly discover that a skilled team can fix problems and become idle within a matter of weeks. 

Here are a few ways to expand your IT support staff without bringing in permanent staffers until they're necessary.

Remote Support Options

Many businesses have IT problems that cover a few common basics that entry level technicians can handle, but there's not many reasons to keep entry level personnel on board for problems that take up less than an hour per day.

If your team needs software installation/configuration, virus removal, or help with finding a function on a piece of software, remote support can handle the job. A team of remote it service technicians can connect to your systems with permission in order to either make changes directly or show employees how to perform certain tasks.

Remote support can be done responsibility with a program that clearly shows a remote connection being established, and there are usually controls that allow users to disconnect if needed. Paranoia can lead to wasted time and employees should learn how to simply let technicians do their job, but that can't be easily accomplished without a familiar team. A business partnership with regular, familiar technicians is the better way to go.

Cloud Storage And Other Network Services

Whether you need to store bulk files online for employees to access or run complex programs in virtual space, cloud computing has you covered.

The cloud is simply a marketing term for network-based activities, where all of the different devices that make up an internet-connected system are bundled together as a cloud of multiple, interchangeable things. For your business, it simply means that you can access your business resources online whether the office is open or not.

There are ways to control access, such as using login credentials and limiting connectivity from specific devices via their MAC address (a hardware-bound address) that is difficult--but not impossible--to hack. The same effort can be made to hack your internal business data, so the trade off should be more about convenience and not spending money on your own hardware.

Contact an IT services professional to discuss other ways to implement efficient tech services.