How To Use Your Website As A Marketing Tool

Every marketing agency on the planet wants to see their clients make the most of their websites. A lot of folks, however, pay for website design services without giving a lot of though the ways a site can become a marketing machine. This article will explore what you can do to improve the marketing value of your site.

Customer-Focused Content

One of the biggest marketing tools on any website is the content. This includes blog articles, services pages, videos, and other things that people tend to find interesting. Good content is engaging, and it can keep people coming back.

It also is the best way to rank well in search engines. By developing content on your site, you'll have more opportunities to appear in search results. Folks interested in the kinds of ideas, services, and products you're offering will then find you through search.


Refining your website is as important as deploying it. To accomplish that goal, you need to have an analytics package in place. Good analytics will help you study how people come to your site, why they stay there, and why they leave. You can then use this information to make refinements to content and design elements.

Many organizations also employ analytics to perform tests. Suppose you were unsure about which new design you wanted to use. An analytics platform that tracks user data and interactions can be utilized to perform an experiment through a process called A/B testing. Users will be randomized in terms of which version they see. You can then compare the A and B groups to decide which design is best.

The Marketing Funnel

Few websites exist in isolation anymore. That means you should have a marketing funnel in place that drives visitors from social media pages, YouTube, mobile apps, and advertisements. As users advance through the website's content, you can push them toward desired actions, such as signing up for an email list or going to your online store. Opt-in data collection through sign-ups will allow you to extend your marketing efforts to things like emails, offers, and coupon codes.

Customer Service

Online customer service systems should be seen as part of your marketing efforts. Contact forms and email addresses should be configured to provide customer service quickly. Some companies also use chatbots to provide quick responses, and these can then be forwarded to people when the bot can't fully assist the customer.

For more information, reach out to a website design service.