Graphics Card Failure 101: Signs To Watch For

While most computer owners know how to recognize the signs of hard drive problems or computer memory issues, there are many other components inside a computer that they may not fully understand. For example, your computer's graphics card is just as vulnerable to failure as any other component inside the machine. Here's a look at some of the signs of impending graphics card failure so that you know when to get your device to a computer repair technician.

Intermittent Freezing

When your graphics card is working as it should, your computer should display graphics smoothly and consistently. If the graphics card starts to malfunction, you might find that your graphics start to freeze or stutter. If the graphics aren't advancing with the rest of the content the way that they should, that's a key indication that you may have problems with your graphics card.

It's important to note that you may also find the same symptoms when your computer's memory cards or processor are malfunctioning, so you should have it evaluated by a computer repair technician right away to determine the source of the problem.

Unusual Spots

Whether it's black dots, superimposed images, or other weird visual spots on your monitor's display, any unusual visual anomalies can indicate that your graphics card is malfunctioning. In many cases, these display issues are the result of overheating or similar problems with the graphics card. 

You may be able to temporarily resolve the problem if you shut the computer down and allow the graphics card to cool down. However, this will only be a temporary solution. You'll have to have a computer repair technician fix the underlying source of the issue to prevent it from recurring.

Visual Oddities

Another common problem with failing graphics cards is general visual oddities on the screen. Everything from color streaks to display tears can be key indications that your graphics card is on its way out. If you're seeing waves or streaks of color that don't belong, or there are intermittent tears in your display, you should reach out to a computer repair technician as soon as possible to have your graphics card replaced.

Left unaddressed, graphics card problems can lead to complete display failures when the card itself completely dies. Recognizing these signs of problems will help you to identify a problematic graphics card before it fails so that you can seek repair services when necessary. Talk with a computer repair technician right away for more information and to get the repair help that you need.