Company Lost Data From A Hard Drive In Your Company? Hire A Data Recovery Service

If you lost data from a hard drive in your company, you may be panicking. As a business owner, you may have had a lot of important files on the hard drive, financial information, etc. Fortunately, you can get the data back in most cases. Instead of doing this yourself, you should hire a data recovery service. This will ensure the process goes smoothly for you. Below is information on what a data recovery service is, as well as ways they can get your data back for you.

Data Recovery Service

The main job of a data recovery service is to retrieve data from a failed hard drive. You may also have corrupt data on the hard drive that you cannot access. You may have had someone delete files they were not supposed to.  They can also recover data from other things, such as external hard drives, optical media, such as DVDs and CDs, storage tapes, and flash drives. 

Data Recovery Services Recovery Methods

There are many recovery methods a data recovery service can use. They can recover and then physically repair your damaged hard drive. They can take an entire data image from a hard disk before they recover the data and repair the hard drive. A data image is getting content as it was originally stored on the hard drive, which includes both structure information and data. 

If you need to recovery deleted files, the data recovery service can use software to recover the files. This software scans the hard drive to recover the data. The software used depends on the data recovery service. One benefit of doing it this way is the data can be recovered while on your property. The data recovery service may ask you to download certain software and run it yourself, so they do not have to come to your property. 

If the data on the hard drive is damaged, corrupted, etc. the hard drive must be sent to the data recovery service for them to apply techniques they use to recover data. These techniques are generally not known by the public. If the data recovery service is in your area, they will come to your business and pick up the hard drive for you, and then return to bring it back and install the hard drive in the computer. They will ensure all data is on the computer after the hard drive is installed. 

The data recovery service will give you much more information on how this works. Reach out to a company like Wholesale Computers & Technology to learn more.