A "Back-Up Generator" For Your Company Software? How It's Done

Everything that keeps a business running needs a back-up generator. This includes the lights and electricity in your building, the phone lines, and even your computer systems. Real generators keep the electricity flowing and the phone lines have back-up terminals and data centers through which telephone lines can be channeled. What backs up your computers? Actually there three types of  back-up generators for your company-wide computer systems. 

External Memory Hard Drives

Smaller businesses can usually get away with using external memory hard drives. These are small, box-shaped devices that connect directly to your computers (one per computer or laptop) and everything you save can be (and should be) saved to these devices. When your computers get "blitzed" and crash, you can feel secure in the knowledge that the last several hours of orders and data have been saved to the external memory hard drives.

Virtual Disaster Recovery Software

This is a type of software that runs in the background of your daily operations on all connected computing devices. If your computers are hacked or come under cyber attack such that you have to completely shut down the system and prevent the hackers from getting all the way into the system, this software can recover everything you would have lost without its use. If you do not have this software, and you have to engage an emergency company-wide shutdown of computer systems, you will lose a very large chunk of data from the current day, if not one or more previous days. With the virtual disaster recovery software running in the background, it saves everything right up to the point where the entire system is shut down.

Cloud Services

It sounds funny whenever you hear people say, "stick it in the cloud," but the reality is that this is one of the best options for full data recovery. Anything you already have saved you can back up to the Cloud, so long as your company has purchased enough virtual Cloud space to store it. Unlike the external memory hard drives, Cloud space is scalable, meaning that you can get more space and store more when you need it and scale back when you do not. As far as which companies and businesses it is best suited for, medium- to large-sized businesses will find this the perfect option. However, small businesses may also use Cloud services, and any size business can use the virtual disaster recovery software as their back-up generator for all things computer-related.   

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