How An Office 365 Consultant Can Help You Become More Efficient

After purchasing a product for your company, you may feel intimidated by all the features that are available. You may also feel that you are not taking full advantage of Office 365, or you may be in the process of migrating to Office 365.

Communicating With Your Consultant

Bring up to your Office 365 consultant the concerns you have about migrating all of your content to Office 365. The process of migrating your content can be difficult and time-consuming. You may be concerned about the security risks of migrating your content. You might also be concerned about losing valuable data.

Once your files are in the cloud, you will want to be aware of the features that come with Office 365. For instance, you are able to edit the documents that are in the cloud to engage in real-time co-authoring. This is great when you have a project that you must work on with other staff members.

Improving Efficiency

When performing routine office tasks, you may find yourself using methods that are not as efficient out of habit. For instance, you may attach a file to an email when it would be more efficient to have the file uploaded to Office 365. Then, you could simply email a link and a user who clicks on the link would immediately be granted permissions. Or, if you need to distribute information in the form of a PDF, an Office 365 consultant can teach you how to easily edit and convert a PDF file.

Version Control

When working with so many documents, one challenge you might find is making sure that you are working on the right document. Fortunately, this is much easier to do when working with Office 365 thanks to version control. With co-authoring, you are able to see who has made changes to a document and you can also revert back to a previous version.

Working From Anywhere

OneDrive storage allows for data on the external drive to be synced with your device when it is connected. This allows you to perform work offline and for your work to be automatically uploaded when the time comes.

Because the data will not be stored on-site, you can work from anywhere. This allows you to avoid the trouble of having to stop by the office. Even when you are on a business trip, you can get your work done and maximize your efficiency. But without the right consultant, you will not use Office 365 to its full potential.